Make money online 2020 - 5 ways to earn money online.

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Before given information about how to earn money let us tell you that all the method given below are 100% trustworthy and using this method will not cause any fraud with.
Maybe you already know about some of these method but you will definitely get some great new method and you will be able to earn good money from them.
before starting work, you must understand the wrong way of earning money and save your money and time.
before reading the information about any money tell you that this post has not given information about earning money from mobile.

1: PPD Network
In the name of pay per download, we can understand that it is a network that gives money from each download. To make money from PPD network you can follow these step.

  1. First of all you have to create an account on good website of PPD network.
  2. File (software, Video, Apps Etc) have to be uploaded to their account after creating an account.
  3. Uploading the files and get a link to download the file.
  4. Through that link, whoever open the link to download that file will first see and advertisement or a survey.
  5. The person will be able to download the file after see in that advertisement or after completing the survey.
  6. PPT network pay us to watch the advertisement and complete the survey.
  7. The PPD network account in which you have uploaded that file will get money from viewing the advertisement and completing the survey.

In ways you can earn good money by uploading software application video etc. PPD website. Here some trusted website mention.
  • Fileice (survey)
  • Sharecash (survey)
  • Indicash (without survey)
  • Userscloud (without survey)
You will get money at different rates for each download on all website (eg $0.50 to $2)

2: Videography
If you can make video that people will like such as comedy video teaching video dancing video acting etc.
so you can earn very good money by making video people are any millions of Dollars by making video and uploading video on YouTube Unacademy and Dailymotion. To earn money by making video you have to follow the steps given below.
First of all one has to choose one video platform you can choose any platform from YouTube and academy and Dailymotion. but the most popular video platform is YouTube. so I recommended to create a video and upload on YouTube.

after the selecting platform and account has to be created an It, which we are also called the channel which is very easy.
  • After that video are made and editing has to be done to improve the video.
  • After making the videos the video has to be uploaded and the selecting video platform.
  • Now to reach more and more people video has to be shared like Facebook Twitter Google Plus and WhatsApp.
  • as soon as good traffic start coming on your video then you have to monetize the video.

Select the adsense to monetize videos. now the more people watch your video them more money you will be able to earn.

3: Email Marketing
Many people say that email marketing is over now what survey hai shown that email marketing is still working very well.
People are also earning good money from email marketing.
To earn money from email marketing you have to first collect 5000+ email address.
If you are collect email follow these step.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sale digital product
  • Pramod website aur blogs
To make money from email marketing you must first understand email marketing please visit on YouTube a lot of video available on email marketing.

4: Affiliate Marketing
In affiliate marketing you have to promote the product of any company.
If anyone buy product from your links you get commission of 15 to 30%.
For this you have to set up for affiliate program of trusted company like Amazon eBay Flipkart and etc.
If you interested in affiliate marketing to follow these steps.
  • the first is to choose a platform to promote affiliate product.
  • Choose any method to promote product like facebook, blog, website, youtube etc.
  • after choosing the platform sign up is to be done for affiliate program of any trusted company.
  • affiliate product have to generate affiliate link and reach the people Through the chosen platform.

if people like the product you promote then they will buy it and you will get there commission in affiliate account.
For more information regarding affiliate marketing please watch on YouTube video.

5: Share Market
Share market is a not a business of any kind, it is a business
In this, you have to buy share of big companies and they have to sale when their price goes down.
In this there are chance of loss along with profit because if you bought a share and its price is reduced when you also loss.
To earn money from the share market you have to follow steps.
First of all you need a demat account just go to your bank to ask Bank employee to open a demat account.
After that you have to learn to buy and sell shares, which the team of those who open demat account teached you.
Now you have to buy such a fair whose price is is going to increase.
Shares has to be sold when the price falls.
This way to earn money from share market. For more information kindly visit on YouTube to watch a lot of video to understand what is the share market and how to work.