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It was told by the union health minister that the case of coronavirus infection in the country have increased to 1637, while the number of people who died due to the epidemic has increased to 38.

the union health ministry has informed about 386 new confirmed case of corona virus infection and death of three patients during the last 24 hours in the country.

This figure of coronavirus infection in one day is the highest ever.

the ministry was inform on Wednesday that this increase does not reflect the rate of spread of infection at the national level, but Nizamuddin markaz incident was the main reason for this increase.

It is not worthy that several case of corona infection where reported on Monday and Tuesday among attending and even of tablighi jamaat in a Markaj located in Nizamuddin West area in Delhi.

According to the report of Indian express, 43 people from Andhra Pradesh 4 people from Assam and 2 people from Pondicherry have been found involved in the religious event in Nizamuddin markaz. Apart from this new case have been reported in Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat while people have also died in Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.

According to the report campaign is being organised at the national level to identify the people involved in the religious gathering of Nizamuddin markaz.

Here, for the first time, cases of reported from coronavirus have been reported in Uttar Pradesh. Two people died there on Wednesday. A 25 years old man from basti district of Uttar Pradesh infected the virus. Diet at BRD medical College Gorakhpur. At the same time 72 years old man died in Meerut medical College.

In the regular press conference joint secretary of the ministry of health, Luv Agrawal said that there have been a total of 1037 cases of coronavirus infection in the country, while the death toll of patient suffering from infection has reached 38.

In Delhi alone, 18 cases of coronavirus infection had been confirmed during the last 24 hours, wild 65 new cases have been reported in Tamilnadu, he said.

Agrawal say that the only way to ensure compliance of Lucknow to prevent infection, the government is doing everything possible to prevent it.

He said that on Wednesday, a meeting with the chief secretaries of all the state through video conferencing under the chairmanship of the cabinet secretary, reviewed the efforts being made to prevent infection at the state level and measure to ensure the lockdown.

He said that in the meeting efforts were made to keep the migrant labours separate to protect them from the risk of infection and to complete the work started to help them.

Raman R. of Indian council of medical research (ICMR) at the press conference. Gangakhedkar said that 4552 samples were tested in the last 24 hours in the ICMR laboratories operating across the country.

Gangakhedkar said that with this, the label of investigation in the country has increased 38% of the total capacity.

he informed that the number of ICMR working laboratories has also increased to 126 on Wednesday. He informed that the number of private laboratories accredited by ICMR has also increased from 49 to 51.

Earlier on Tuesday, the union ministry had told that more than 6.6 lakh people and people due to coronavirus have taken shelter in more than 21000 relief cams running in the country.

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