A Scientific breakthrough to fight cancer. A blood test reveals 50 species before its symptoms.

A group of scientist is was able to develop a blood test through which more than 50 types of cancer can be detected with high accuracy, even before symptoms appear on the patient, which could cause real breakthrough in the treatment and control of cancer, which doctor agree that detects an early on this and important factor in in overcoming it and preventing it's a spread.

The greatest newspaper The Sun, which reported the news described these invitation h as a  "pioneering work" that would significantly change the treatment and treatment of the cancer patients.
The newspaper quoted in the report, which was seen by "All Arabia net" the scientist I saying that this examination is is characterized by a very high accuracy, error rate in it does not exceed 0.7%, that is less than 1% of people who you to under go this treatment will be diagnosed cancer patient. Then it turns out that day are not indicating that the current error rate in the diagnosis of breast cancer, for example is more than 10% in Britain.

According to the the scientist who developed this examination, it is also possible fruit district to predict the the tissues that developed the cancerous tumar with and accuracy rate of 93%, which means that the examination makes doctor able to discover cancer and determine its position inside the body.

the ability to catch multiple types of deadly cancer with one test and with a very lower rate, and the ability to determine where the cancerous tumor is is located inside the body with high accuracy will help healthcare providers to take the necessary step directly, deal with the the disease, and provide the necessary care.

Given the burden the cancer poses to our society, it is important that we continue to explore the ability of this test to to intercept cancer at and early stage, and accordingly we reduce deaths from this disease,  Seiden added.

Seiden stresses but this study that in date with this test is the largest of its kind in terms of the number of participant, what ever among the injured or others, who participated in order to recharge the the development of the examination that leads to early detection of cancer.

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