Olympic 2020: Tokyo Olympic new date announced tournament to be held from July 23 next year

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Olympics 2020: the Olympic game do this year where postponed due to to corona virus the tournament was earlier scheduled to begin han July 24 only last week to postpone it.

The international Olympic committee has announced new date for the Tokyo Olympics. The tournament will be played from 23 July to 8 August next years. This tournament due to coronavirus was postponed this year. The tournament was earlier scheduled to begin on July 24 this year decided to postpone it last week.

Olympic games were first translate due to and epidemic. Before this game hed to be cancelled 5 time. But then due to this verse had to be postponed. Olympic game could not take palace in in 1916, 1940 and 1944 due to the outbreak of the world war. Olympic in Berlin were canceled in 1916 due to the first world war.

The IOC recently set that the players who have qualified for the 2020 Olympics will also be confirmed in the 2021 Olympics. 57% of the players have qualified so far.

One third of the world population is under lock down due to coronavirus. More than 34000 people have died worldwide. So far about 7 lakh people have been infected by it. Due to this dangerous virus the Olympic committee had to take a decision to postpone it for years.

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