27 People Died, 1024 Cases All over india, 96 Recovered.

Coronavirus infected patent cross 1000 in the country 27 people have died so far 10 things

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Coronavirus infection cases have increased to 1024 in the country. according to health ministry data. 27 people had died due to this disease so far.

coronavirus infection cases have increased to 1024 in the country. according to health ministry data. 27 people have died due to this disease so far, it is a relief that 96 patient have been cure of this disease. As of Sunday evening 106 news cases have been reported. at the same time prime minister Narendra Modi on Sunday apologized for the problem caused to the people of the country due to coronavirus lockdown saying that this decision was necessary. He said this lockdown is for your own survival. you have to to save yourself and your family. You have to follow Lakshman Rekha. nobody want to break the law, no rule, but some people are still doing this, they are not understand the seriousness of the circumstance.

96 Patients have been cured of coronavirus.

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the country. This figure crossed 1000 Sunday. According to the health ministry data, so far 1024 people have been infected with corona in the country and 27 have been killed, however, the relief is that 96 patient have recovered from this. 106 new cases have been reported till Sunday evening.

Prime minister Modi sad in the Mann ki baat program on Sunday first of all I apologize to the the country man. I am sure you will forgive me. Some decisions have to be taken due to to which you have got trouble. I apologize tu poor brother and sister. I understand your problem, but there was no other way to say 130 crore country man, so it was necessary to take this drestic step. After seeing the condition of the world, it was felt that this is the only way left.

Despite the corona virus lockdown people are returning to their respective home the central government has directed that dues who have gone from one place to another in inviolation after lockdown will be isolated for at least 14 days

In the directive, the central government ask all DMs and SPs across the country to keep the boundaries of the district and the state sealed so that the moment of the people is stopped. Only goods will be allowed. Where worker are working, arrangement should be made for them to stay and eat there. They should be given wages. House rent should not be taken. Action should be taken against those who are asking the worker for student to vacate the house. DM and SP will be responsible.

chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that in the last three day one and a half lakh people have come from other state in the state. A List with the name, addresses, phone numbers etc. After all these people should be prepared and made available to the concerned district administration. All these people should be kept under of observation and they kept separately.

The crowd of people going to toward Uttar Pradesh and Bihar remained overnight in Anand vihar and surrounding areas of Delhi. People where transported to different palace through UP transport and DTC buses. In the morning, despite the lockdown, a crowd of people gathered here again. Delhi had run 570 buses. Uttar Pradesh Dipti chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya remember that no one will reach their home or village from Delhi. But they will have to stay in a government camps for 14 days.

At the same time, one patient each has died in Gujarat and Maharashtra today due to coronavirus. A woman infected with coronavirus died in Mumbai on Sunday. The age of the woman is said to be 40 years. According to the news agency ANI, the woman was admitted to the hospital on Sunday. after suffering from shortness of breath. The women also had hypertension.

Due to coronavirus, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has taken some human decision. According to him, Joe Udham will have to pay salary to everyone of the employee during the closure of the institute. Get officer salary. The government will give 1000 rupees to every poor daily wage laborer, even if it is in any corner of the state. Find them and give them money. Landlord should not take rent from worker for poor people who are underpaid in the entire state. This is my appeal. No electricity or water will be cut due to dues. Supply will remain equal.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed at the digital press conference that people who stay where they are and do not get out. The Delhi government is making full arrangement for their stay and foods. He appealed to the migraine labour that the government will pay the rent of your room if you stay in your house.

The whole country is coming together to fight with the coronavirus. people are giving generously to the prime minister relief fund. Meanwhile owner Gautam Adani from the Adani group has also announced donate off RS 100 crore to the prime minister relief fund. For the fight against corona. Gautam Adani announced this by tweeting. Earlier, Donation of RS 1500 crore has been made by the TATA group.